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Spend time building your Chrome Extension, not setting up manifests and environments. Chrome Extension Kit includes 17 different battle-tested starter templates so you can avoid the tedious stuff and focus on shipping faster than ever.

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Save Time, Ship Faster

Never waste time with configuration & setup again.

Easy to use and navigate

Hassle-Free Setup

All contents of the kit are organized by type and each extension includes a README explaining how to use it and extend it. The included Ebook also has a section explaining more in-depth.

Time-Saving Utility Scripts

Time-Saving Utility Scripts

Includes scripts that spin up React development environments with auto-refresh, scripts that auto-bundle required extension files for publishing, scripts to lint and prettify your code, and more.

Unopinionated Starter Templates

Unopinionated Starter Templates

All starter templates are unopinionated, meaning they are setup so that you can quickly grab one and start developing without needing to remove a bunch of unnecessary boilerplate first.

Fully Functional Example Extensions

Fully Functional Example Extensions

See how an extension functions end-to-end, find inspiration, and learn how to solve problems in your own project.

Growth Tips & Tricks Ebook

Publishing & Audience Building Guide

Full kit documentation, a step-by-step extension publishing guide, and tips on how to grow your audience.

The Kit

What's included?

Everything you need to simplify extension development & learn how to publish like a pro.

8 HTML/CSS/JS Starter Templates

Starter project files and manifest built out with basic HTML, CSS, and JS. Starter types include content scripts, context menu, browser actions, messaging, new tab overrides, browser storage, and more.

9 React Starter Templates With Utility Scripts

Starter project files and manifest built out with React. Also includes scripts for a local dev environment and to automatically build / ZIP your extension for easy publishing to the web store.

Source Code for 4 Example Extensions

Source code of four fully functional and feature complete Chrome extensions, including extensions currently live in the web store with thousands of active users.

Ebook with Publishing and Growth Tips

You'll receive an ebook that includes kit documentation, a step-by-step guide to publishing your extension, and a guide that will teach you how to grow your audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is needed for this kit?

None! You can get value out of the kit if you're a total beginner making your first extension or a seasoned pro who wants to save time. It is recommended, however, that you have a bit of knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS.

What manifest version is supported?

All starter templates and example extensions in the kit have been upgraded for the new Manifest V3.

What exactly is a "starter template" in this kit?

All starter templates in this kit are functioning Chrome extensions by themselves and have some degree of placeholder content out of the box. The base files, config, and extension manifests are setup such that you can just grab a starter and start building right away. No config, no setup, no hassle.

For example, if you selected a new tab override starter template and loaded it up, you'd see the following default placeholder page out of the box when opening a new tab in Chrome:

Starter example

For the above extension example, the starter files would look like:Starter files

What chapters are included in the ebook?

The ebook has the following chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Choosing a Starter Template
3. Example Extensions
4. Getting Production Ready
5. Publishing Your Extension
6. Gaining Traction
7. Understanding Extension Stats

Can I use the kit for any project?

Absolutely. You can use the kit for all your extension projects, both personal and commercial. Please note that you cannot resell the kit itself or any of its components.

What are the basic starter templates in the kit?

The 8 basic starter templates are: content scripts starter, context menu starter, browser action starter (full page), browser action starter (popup), browser action starter (popup and full page), messaging starter, new tab override starter, and Chrome API starter (Chrome sync storage).

What are the React starter templates in the kit?

The 9 React starter templates are: browser action starter (popup and full page), browser action starter (popup), content scripts starter, TypeScript browser action starter (popup), browser action starter (full page), new tab override starter, data fetching starter, Chrome storage starter (Chrome API), and a fully loaded React starter (React, React Router, and Tailwind CSS).

All React starters also come with scripts to spin up development environments as well as scripts to build and package your extension for publish.

What are the example extensions in the kit?

The example extensions included in the kit are: Welcome – New Tab Page (new tab override with background image and time shown), Password Generator (popup to easily generate passwords based on settings), Search Text (search highlighted text in your preferred search engine), and Day Counter (keep track of life events easily; over 4,000 active users currently).

What is the refund policy?

Within 14 days of purchase, if you aren't satisfied with the kit, reach out to Ryan[at] and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Buy the kit once, get updates free forever.

Ryan Fitzgerald

About The Author

Hey! I'm Ryan Fitzgerald and I'm a full-stack developer based out of Toronto, Canada.

I have been building, publishing, and growing a variety of Chrome Extensions both professionally and for personal projects for over 5 years.