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Welcome to the Blog

August 09, 2020 · 1 min read

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Welcome to the brand new ChromeExtensionKit blog! The goal with this blog is to create a platform to discuss everything about ChromeExtensionKit and the Chrome Extension ecosystem in general. Some of the topics that will be discussed and written about are:

  • ChromeExtensionKit updates and additions
  • Tutorials on how to get started with various starters in the kit
  • General Chrome Extension tutorials and guides
  • General tips and tricks for development and growth of extensions

If there are specific topics you'd like to see discussed, feel free to send me an email at Ryan[at]ChromeExtensionKit.com.

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Ryan Fitzgerald

About The Author

Hey! I'm Ryan Fitzgerald and I'm a full-stack developer based out of Toronto, Canada.

I have been building, publishing, and growing a variety of Chrome Extensions both professionally and for personal projects for over 5 years.