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June 19, 2021

Upgraded to Manifest V3 + New Starters

  • Upgraded all existing starters to Manifest V3
  • Upgraded all existing example extensions to Manifest V3
  • Added basic messaging starter
  • Added React content scripts starter
  • Minor updates to Ebook to reflect additions
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December 27, 2020

Added new Basic Context Menu starter and example extension

  • Added Basic Context Menu starter
  • Added an example extension that utilizes context menu and storage
  • Minor updates to Ebook to reflect additions
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December 18, 2020

Updated scripts for React starters

  • Updated Starters to React v17
  • Ejected from CRA for more flexibility around Webpack config and dev scripts
  • Updated READMEs and package.json of React Starters to reflect new scripts
September 13, 2020

Added TypeScript support and Minor Ebook Updates

  • Added TypeScript React Starter + instructions to convert others easily if needed
  • Added instructions and information regarding the upcoming showcase to the Ebook
  • Added information on how updates work with the kit for better clarity
  • Fixed a couple minor typos in the Ebook
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August 10, 2020

New React starter and minor bug fixes

  • Added new React starter template for popup + full page
  • Updated PDF to reflect new starter
  • Fix console warning with react-fully-loaded icons
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I have been building, publishing, and growing a variety of Chrome Extensions both professionally and for personal projects for over 5 years.